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Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences looking for work in singing performances and Paleo dish creations.

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Believer in the universal righteousness of self-expression, including homosexuality.

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My Skillset

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Dedicated at staying true to myself, I have found my own singing voice and piano playing style on my own through diligent practice. A talented designer, I never stop my own relentless pursuit of my own self-expression of beauty.

My Passions

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I love to draw cartoons; sing love songs and worship music; compose and perform improvisational jazz piano and vocals; compose nature, urban, and portrait photography; write inspirational, humorous, fantasy, and sci-fi stories and poems; model clay figurines; and invent household, office, and entertainment products.

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5401 Norris Rd Apt 12 Bakersfield CA USA 93308-2182

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